Virtual bourbon Tasting

Experience a bourbon tasting experience without the costs and hassle of travel.

what is a virtual bourbon tasting?

A virtual bourbon tasting is an online tasting that offers an immersive experience into the world of bourbon, led by Executive Bourbon Stewards. This interactive online tasting enables you to enjoy the ultimate bourbon tasting experience from anywhere. You will learn how to taste and appreciate the flavors and aromas of bourbons while exploring the history of this iconic American spirit. With a virtual bourbon tasting, you can elevate your drinking experience and indulge in a selection of premium bourbons with like-minded bourbon enthusiasts as well as those new to the world of bourbon. Whether you are a bourbon connoisseur or just getting started, a virtual bourbon tasting is the perfect way to expand your knowledge and palate.

Virtual bourbon tastings are ideal for businesses and organizations looking for a unique way to entertain and engage stakeholders regardless of location. Virtual tastings deliver all of the fun of spirits tasting without the cost and hassle of travel.

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A DrinkCurious Virtual Bourbon Tasting Experience is a great way to make any online event unforgettable, including:

  • Client Entertainment
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Family Reunions
  • Field Marketing
  • Product Demos
  • Fundraisers
  • Sales Conferences
  • Team Building

And any virtual event that would benefit from spirited entertainment and conversation.


These are just a few of our clients’ more popular Virtual Bourbon Tasting Experiences. Share your vision with us, and we’ll craft a one-of-a-kind Bourbon Tasting Experience your guests won’t soon forget. 

Our spirit experts have shared their knowledge and passion with millions of people online and at private tasting parties, corporate events, private clubs, and conferences. Let us help you make your next virtual event unforgettable.

Bourbon Whiskey Option
Bourbon 101
Kentukcy Bourbon Option
kentucky bourbon
Bourbon in the Blind Option
bourbon in the blind

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The cost of a virtual bourbon tasting experience is dependent on the amount of people attending, format (BYOB or tasting kits), the spirits to be sampled, and the selection of additional event options (e.g., custom glassware, food pairings, etc.)

Virtual bourbon tasting experiences start at $800 without tasting kits, and at $1,000 for a virtual tasting with tasting kits.

Each Virtual Bourbon Tasting Experience includes the following:

  • Pre-event planning consultation to select the tasting’s bourbon selections based on the Client’s preferences regarding bourbon style, number of selections, and the available liquor budget.
  • Customized tasting aids (e.g., bourbon flavor wheels, tasting mats, signage) for your event
  • Food pairing recommendations for your event’s bourbon selections
  • An entertaining bourbon expert to lead the tasting, provide education, and answer questions from your guests
  • Free Gift – Each of your guests will receive a code to download for free our Bourbon Flavor Wheel and Tasting Mat Template Bundle to put their newfound whiskey knowledge into action with their family and friends.
  • Bragging rights for hosting the best event of the year

The following items are included for virtual bourbon tastings that include tasting kits:

  • A customized Welcome Card/Tasting mat featuring your logo event name.
  • Sample bottles of the bourbons chosen for your virtual tasting. (1, 2, and 4 ounce samples are available)
  • A box of sample tasting cups. (Etched whiskey glassware is available at extra cost.)
  • Shipping to your guests within the United States. We do not ship internationally at this time.

Additional customizations are available upon request.

Food is not included in the cost of your virtual bourbon tasting experience. We will provide basic food pairing recommendations upon request. If you would like to source and include a food item in the tasting kit please contact us to explore options.

Yes, all guests must be at least 21 years of age to attend a DrinkCurious Bourbon Tasting Experience. It is the responsibility of the event host (you or your company) for confirming that all attendee’s are at least 21 years of age. DrinkCurious reserves the right to request proof of age for any guest that we feel may not meet the legal drinking age requirements.

The number of bourbon samples will vary according to your preferences and budget. DrinkCurious recommends that a virtual bourbon tasting include at least three to four samples to provide an enjoyable experience for your guests. 

DrinkCurious will customize the virtual bourbon tasting experience to fit your event timing requirements. However, for a tasting experience with four samples, we highly recommend scheduling 60-90 minutes for the tasting.

DrinkCurious uses Zoom for all our tastings. If you are at an organization that prefers a different set up, that’s fine. As long as you set up a meeting link our virtual tasting hosts are happy to jump on.

We can ship and/or make arrangements for almost anywhere in the US. Have another location in mind? Let us know and we can help with some solutions.

DrinkCurious will provide you with an address template to complete. You will need to provide us the completed template with all the requested shipping address information by an agreed upon date to facilitate timely shipping of your bourbon tasting kits.

Absolutely! We’ve never hosted a tasting experience that didn’t excite and delight the guests. That said, you obviously want to make sure that you guests drink alcohol and are open to trying new things – even if they’re not an active distilled spirits drinker.

Yes! We are all about accommodating your needs. If you would like to add a custom print material, promo items, food pairings, or anythings else, just let us know. Most items can be added if you’re able to ship it directly to us with ample lead time. 

We recommended a minimum 3-4 weeks lead time from deposit payment to the day of the virtual tasting. If you need something quicker we can arrange for expedited shipping or recommend other options that might be available.

An agreed upon event proposal along with a deposit of 50% of the tasting fee and 100% of the shipping costs is required to book a date for your tasting event. Contact us to reserve a date for your very own tasting experience.

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