Customized tequila Tasting Experiences

Elevate your next event with an unforgettable tequila tasting experience.

Why Choose Drinkcurious for your private tequila tasting?

Welcome to DrinkCurious, where we elevate tequila tasting to an art form. Whether you’re a tequila traditionalist, a mezcal maven, or just curious about agave spirits, our private tasting events are crafted to delight and educate. Hosted by our Chief Drinking Officer, each session promises an engaging blend of knowledge, fun, and fantastic flavors.

What We Offer

Customized Tequila Tastings
Our events are tailored to suit your taste buds and curiosity. From blanco and reposado to añejo and extra añejo, we curate a diverse selection that showcases the rich heritage and unique characteristics of each tequila. You’ll learn about the intricate production processes, the regions they hail from, and the stories behind the bottles.

Expert Guidance
Guided by our Chief Drinking Officer, with a wealth of experience and a gift for storytelling, each tasting becomes an immersive experience. Expect lively discussions, surprising insights, and a newfound appreciation for tequila.

Interactive and Fun
Say goodbye to boring tastings. Our events are designed to be interactive, enjoyable, and memorable. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private gathering, we ensure everyone is engaged and having a great time.

Virtual Tastings
Can’t gather in person? No problem! Our virtual tastings are just as lively and informative. We’ll deliver the tequila straight to your door, and our CDO will host the event live online, making sure it’s a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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A DrinkCurious Tequila Tasting Experience is perfect for any occasion:

  • Corporate Events: Enhance team building with a unique and enjoyable activity that’s sure to impress.
  • Private Parties: From birthdays to celebrations, make your event extraordinary.
  • Client Entertainment: Wow your clients with a sophisticated and fun experience.
  • Virtual Gatherings: Connect with friends and family, no matter the distance.

how it works

  1. Consultation: We start with a chat to understand your preferences and goals for the event.

  2. Customization: Based on your input, we select a variety of tequilas and plan the tasting format.

  3. Event Day: Our CDO leads the tasting, ensuring a smooth, engaging experience.

  4. Follow-Up: We provide a recap and tasting notes so you can revisit your favorites.

Why drinkcurious?

  • Personalized Service: Each event is unique, designed to match your taste and style.

  • Expert Knowledge: Benefit from years of experience and passion for tequila.

  • Memorable Experience: We create moments that you and your guests will treasure.

  • Convenient and Flexible: Offering both in-person and virtual options available.

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