Bourbon Tastings

Elevate your next event with an unforgettable bourbon tasting experience.


Our DrinkCurious team can turn any event into an experience your guests will talk about for years. Let us guide your group through an unforgettable virtual or in-person bourbon-tasting experience.

Whether your guest list includes ten people or 500, our signature Bourbon Tasting Experiences are customized to meet your unique requirements. Your guests have a terrific time and you garner “host of the year” accolades!

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A DrinkCurious Bourbon Tasting Experience is perfect for a variety of in-person events, including:

  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Award Dinners
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Sales Conferences
  • Team Building
  • Trade Shows

And any event that would benefit from spirited entertainment and conversation.


Our bourbon experts have shared their knowledge and passion with millions of people online and at private tasting parties, corporate events, private clubs, and conferences.  Choose from some of our more popular Bourbon Tasting Experiences below, or share your vision with us. We’ll craft a one-of-a-kind Bourbon Tasting Experience your guests won’t soon forget. For tastings held at commercial venues, we’ll work closely with your chosen restaurant or caterer to ensure the spirit selections are perfectly paired with your event’s food and drink menu providing a truly integrated dining experience.

For those looking for something special beyond a straight bourbon tasting, we can also offer expertise in cocktails and craft beer carefully selected to complement your event’s spirit selections. We can even provide integrated pairing themes (e.g., Bourbon, Beer & Bavaria) in partnership with your favorite local restaurant.

Let us help you make your next event unforgettable.

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Blind Tasting

Our signature double-blind bourbon tasting experience is guaranteed to entertain your guests and is perfect for both new and experienced bourbon drinkers.

Classic Tasting

Enjoy a formal sit-down bourbon tasting perfect as a standalone tasting experience or as entertainment at a larger event.

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Tasting Dinner

Bourbon Tasting Dinners are a great way to celebrate special occasions by pairing bourbon with a gourmet meal that will delight your guests.

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Curated Bar

Enjoy a variety of curated bourbons served with a shot of knowledge by certified bourbon professionals. Perfect for guests to enjoy while they mix and mingle.

Dessert Pairing

Treat your guests to a decadent tasting experience that explores the delicious world of pairing bourbon with exceptional dessert items.

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The cost of a bourbon tasting experience is dependent on the amount of people attending, format (virtual, classic tasting, curated spirits bar, tasting dinner), the bourbons to be sampled, and the selection of additional event options (e.g., custom glassware, food pairings, etc.)

Bourbon tasting experiences start at $650.

Each Bourbon Tasting Experience includes the following:

  • Pre-event planning consultation to select the bourbon selections based on the Client’s preferences regarding brand preference, number of selections, and the available liquor budget.
  • Coordination of liquor procurement for your event
  • Customized tasting aids (e.g., flavor wheels, tasting mats, signage) for your event
  • Food pairing recommendations for your event’s bourbon selections (if applicable)
  • An entertaining bourbon expert to lead the tasting, provide education, and answer questions from your guests
  • Bragging rights for hosting the best event of the year


Food is not included in the cost of your bourbon tasting experience. We will provide basic food pairing recommendations, or for an additional fee, we will consult with your venue’s chef or catering staff to craft a one-of-a-kind menu paired to your event’s bourbons of choice.

Yes, all guests must be at least 21 years of age to attend a DrinkCurious Tasting Experience. It is the responsibility of the event host (you or your company) for confirming that all attendee’s are at least 21 years of age. DrinkCurious reserves the right to request proof of age for any guest that we feel may not meet the legal drinking age requirements.

Every state has a different set of laws addressing the purchase of vintage spirits. DrinkCurious will work within the laws of your event’s location to procure any bourbon you would like to include in your tasting. However, we do not guarantee our ability to locate and procure vintage, or allocated, bourbons on your behalf. Details related to this service will be discussed in advance and properly documented in our service contract for your review and approval. Please book your event a minimum of 3-months in advance if you’re interested in exploring adding vintage bourbons to your tasting.

The number of bourbon samples will vary according to your preferences and budget. DrinkCurious recommends that a tasting include at least four samples to provide an enjoyable experience for your guests. 

A typical in-person or virtual tasting experience will last about 60-90 minutes. This depends on tasting format, the group, their questions, and interaction with the host. If there is a strict time frame needed just let us know. We’ll be happy to customize the tasting experience to fit your needs.

Absolutely! We’ve never hosted a tasting experience that didn’t excite and delight the guests. That said, you obviously want to make sure that you guests drink alcohol and are open to trying new things – even if they’re not an active distilled spirits drinker.

DrinkCurious is based in St. Louis, MO but we have bourbon experts in select cities across the country. We regularly host tasting experiences across the United States, and internationally upon request. Depending on team availability within your location, additional costs for travel and lodging may apply.

An agreed upon event proposal along with a deposit of 50% of the tasting fee and 100% of liquor and travel expenses (if applicable) is required to book a date for your bourbon tasting event. Contact us to reserve a date for your very own tasting experience.

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